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End of a Semester, a New Beginning || Minervashogwarts

Severus, with a satisfied smile, finished packing the last of his belongings in his office and stood back, looking around the empty room. Finally…I can move on. WE can move on…, he thought, imagining the days to come. He and Minerva would finally be moving to Dundee to start their lives together. She would be gracefully leaving her post due to her pregnancy and he would be retiring to be at home with her and the baby to start a new career as an independent consultant and supplier to the school and to St. Mungo’s. They would finally be able to spend the time that both of them sorely needed together and be able to prepare for Evander’s arrival properly. Banishing the last box to his office at the cottage, he decides to go and check on Minerva to see how her packing was going. Stepping out of the office, he locks the door for the last time and makes his way up to Minerva’s office.
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    Minerva couldn’t hesitate any longer. The weeks without him had been agonizing and wretched and now she had him back...
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    Her smell, her body, the feel of her against him…he knew that he missed her but this was madness. It had been too...